Model aeronautics RC club Brossair
English (Canadian)

Visit the club:

The first thing to do if you are interested in the hobby is to spend a day at Brossair. Afternoons on weekends are usually the time when there are the most people. You can also contact a member of the club to determine the best time for a visit. On the site, introduce you to the pilots and tell them you are interested in the hobby. They will probably be happy to show you their equipment and talk about the club.


Most often, beginners start with easy control called "trainer" aircraft. A trainer is very docile and usually robust. For example, a recommended Trainer is the Avistar. You will need to get started:  

◾Airplane type Trainer 
◾A motor, servos, and a suitable receiver for that plane (see the documentation that accompanies it.)  
◾A radio transmitter (often a set including radio, receiver and servos can be purchased.) 
◾A starter and battery, a glow plug and a glow starter. 
◾The appropriate fuel 
Get the cards:

Once decided, as you begin to assemble the necessary equipment, it's time to think about enrolling in a club and get the necessary insurances. First, we need to apply the MAAC. This is a pre-requisite for becoming a member of any club in Canada, as this provides us with the necessary insurances. Once you have received proof of your enrollment in the MAAC, you can join the club Brossair.